Kenpo Jiu Jitsu and Fitness Taught in a Family Friendly Environment

Why put my child in martial arts?

Do your kids:

Spend too much time on the screen?

Have No motivation?

Would you like them to have:

Energy to do things?

Motivation to do well in school?

Knowledge to protect themselves from bullies?

Our fun and energetic classes help develop Confidence and Focus while Values and Ethics are discussed and trained to develop character. 


Special Training and Reward programs including special recognition for Academic Achievement and our special STAR program which teaches Values and Responsibility.


Motivating Kids for over 30 years!

Being a parent myself and working with kids for over 20 years, I know it can be challenging getting them motivated. Our reward programs help them to see how successful short term goals lead to life's successes!


I've been having my son go here for a few years now. He enjoys the classes and Mr.K. Mr.K does a great job working with the kids and teaching them knowledge they can use later in life, not just martial arts.


AKKA Thornydale is a fantastic school. My son and I have been students here for over 5 years.In addition to self defense, the school also imparts confidence and discipline. They do a lot of work for the community, and it's given my son and I an opportunity to give back while we build our own character. Mr. K is a strong yet patient teacher, and always has his students smiling. I would recommend this to people of any age or capability.


This is the best martial arts studio in town.  Hands down the most rewarding and challenging self defense program around. I've been attending for a short while now and enjoy learning in a positive atmosphere. The instructor, Mr. K, is awesome. He really cares about his students and his classes. I highly recommend trying it out.


Our classes get kids moving and re-enforce traditional values and ethics. Exciting drills and respectful dialogue keep the students engaged and motivated.


Monday: 4pm

Tuesday: 5pm

Wednesday: 4pm

Thursday: 5pm

Friday: 5:30pm (Review class)