Creed and Affirmations

Opening Affirmations

I intend to hold myself to the highest standard of a Martial Artist.

We are a Professional Black Belt Organization.

We are Motivated.

We are Dedicated. 

We are on A Quest to Be Our Best!


Karate Pledge of Honor

With Honor, we will apply ourselves to the study of Karate,

placing foremost the improvement of both mind and body

to develop a better understanding of our fellow man.

Striving for an ultimate serenity that can only come

through a complete understanding of ourselves,

we approach life’s problems with the

patience that Karate has given us.

Never will we unjustly dishonor

Our fellow students, our teachers, and the AKKA Organization,

Or the Art of Karate,

Through misusing the secrets we are learning. 

To this, we the students of AKKA, do swear.


Three Rules of________

  • Karate: Honesty in the heart, knowledge in the mind, strength in the body


  • Basics: They must be accurate, they must be focused, they must be fast


  • Focus: Focus in the eyes, focus in the mind, focus in the body


  • Kumite: Safety first, respect your opponent, total self-control


  • Self-Defense: Do not anticipate, perfect your technique, move swiftly with focus


Kata: To elicit a state of mind, to train for total awareness, to encode movement and breathe properly